Whether you’re looking for advice on personal real estate legal matters or complex commercial decisions, we offer timely, competent and cost-effective legal solutions for your needs.

The Attorney at Parti & Oliveira PLLC, can help you with property matters and use our knowledge and experience to your advantage at affordable prices. Each legal problem is different, we can provide you assistance with the following legal matters, and more:

  • Commercial or Residential Property Acquisition or Sale
  • Real Estate Transaction and Contractual Matters
  • Buying or selling a business that will have a lease
  • A commercial lease
  • Dealing with difficult tenants
  • Residential & Commercial mortgages

Parti & Oliveira PLLC can provide you with practical and effective legal advice when you buy, sell, mortgage or lease a house, office, or other real estates. Speak to our Attorneys before signing a listing agreement, agreement of purchase and sale, mortgage commitment or lease. We will interpret the fine print and ensure that you understand the terms of one of the most important transactions in your lifetime.

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