Business Organization

It’s simple, incorporating your business into a corporation gives you too much protection and too many benefits not to do it. Incorporating or organizing your business affords the business owners with limited liability which protects their personal assets, provides tax benefits and provides a professional organizational structure.  Read More Here

How to Solve Your Orlando Foreclosure With a Short Sale

If you are able and willing to move, you can solve a foreclosure with a short sale. Your bank is not in the business of real estate, and so in the end does not really want to end up with a property on its hands. A short sale is essentially you and your attorney doing … Continued

How a Loan Modification Works and Why You Need an Attorney for It

A loan modification allows you to change the terms of your mortgage either temporarily or permanently in order to make payments more affordable. With the Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP) being retired at the end of 2016, working with a Florida foreclosure defense attorney is almost a must to get the best terms for a … Continued

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